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According to the user reports, here are several common causes behind the error: Broken display port: If the DisplayPort is broken or loose, there may be no dp signal from your device. Outdated or missing device drivers: It is another common reason for DisplayPort no signal Windows 10. You should. Kommt kein Signal des DisplayPorts mehr am Monitor an, kann dafür nicht nur ein Hardware-, sondern auch ein Softwaredefekt infrage kommen. Finden Sie zunächst über das Ausschlussverfahren heraus,.. You may not be aware, but usually the DisplayPort no signal issue comes from improper connection. You have to ensure that the connector has been plugged into the port correctly and it cannot be pulled out too easily. You can unplug an re-plug the DisplayPort connection

Fix No Signal on display port 1. Enable projection mode Normally, an external display is enabled automatically but sometimes Windows 10 thinks you... 2. Change monitor port There are three different ports that most monitors can use to connect to a Windows 10 system; 3. Disconnect/Reconnec After putting your computer to sleep you may notice that the display port is not working as there is an absence of signal. If you are facing this issue, don't worry. You can solve this fix easily. This problem is usually associated with the PSU unit on your computer Es gab mehrere Fälle, in denen das Problem mit dem fehlenden Signal auftrat, wenn der DisplayPort nicht richtig angeschlossen war. Möglicherweise haben Sie es in Ihrer Ansicht perfekt verbunden, aber manchmal sind die Pins nicht richtig eingesteckt. Falsche Einfügung der Stifte könnte die Ursache dafür sein, dass der DisplayPort das Problem verursacht Display Port No Signal FIX !! [Step-by-Step in Description] - YouTube. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID. I've recently bought an ASUS BE249QLB monitor and when I connect it to my MSI GTX970 via display port, it just indicates that there is no signal, even though I've set connection type on my monitor to DP. I found an old VGA cable with a DVI adapter and it worked without any issue - the monitor automatically switched to a VGA connection and started working as intended. Do you have any idea why DP may not provide any signal? I'm using the DP cable provided with the monitor. This is also my.

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  1. The no signal message on the screen indicates that the monitor isn't getting any input from your PC. You can resolve this issue easily with the fixes we listed in this post! Fixes to try: Ensure your compatible video cable is firmly connected; Check if you selected the correct input source; Check if your graphics card is firmly inserted in its slot ; Test with another cable or PC; Update.
  2. Go to Settings > Display. Click the Detect button under Rearrange your displays. Connect the Second Monitor Wirelessly If you connect the second monitor to your Windows using a cable, you can try to wirelessly connect it to see whether the issue disappears
  3. Fix: DisplayPort No Signal Solution 1: Restarting and Reconnecting Device. The most effective workaround which works in almost all cases is... Solution 2: Checking DisplayPort connection. There have been several cases where the no signal issue arises from the... Solution 3: Updating Graphics Driver..
  4. Falls dann immer noch No Signal kommt, könnte es auch eventuell am Kabel liegen
  5. g a daily task on your computer, but if it gets dropped, it might start creating some issues
  6. After that, when ever i boot to windows it says no signal but i know that my dp cable works fine. Also hdmi has no issues, so at the moment i am using hdmi. I tested displayport on my gpu via hdmi to displayport converter and it works so gpu is not faulty. Again, my monitor wouldnt display anything if its displayport was broken. I was lucky enough to get a second monitor to see whats happening.

-> Seit dem zeigt zeigt der Monitor auch No Signal an, vorher stand dort Cable not Connected - Kabel gedreht (Alternate Tech-Support meinte ich solle dies ausprobieren DisplayPort no signal: The question have you tried turning it off and on again? gets joked about a lot in computing; when someone has a problem, it's well known that a quick reboot often works a treat. I recently faced a hardware issue on my PC at home whereby one of my two monitors seemed to suddenly no longer connect when I booted Update: If the power light doesn't go off when you unplug the power, make sure to unplug HDMI and DisplayPort cables as well. Power can occasionally leak thr..

display port to hdmi no signal . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: snuggles. Posts : 11. windows 10 64Bit Enterprise New 03 Mar 2016 #1. display port to hdmi no signal when i connect a dvi or hdmi from my gtx 780 to my acer H274HL Monitor all works fine but when i want to connect display port cable on my gtx 780 and the other side is hdmi that goes to my monitor than there is no signal at. Wenn unter Windows 10 der Bildschirm kein Signal mehr bekommt, tappt ihr bei eurem Rechner sprichwörtlich im Dunkeln. Netzwelt verrät, was hinter dem Problem stehen könnte und wie ihr euren.

DisplayPort kein Signal: Optionen TippCente

AW: GTX1070 - Displayport funktioniert plötzlich nicht mehr - Bitte um Hilfe Gestern Abend nach der Reparatur nochmal bisschen gezockt und co. Dann Rechner runtergefahren. Gerade eben von der Arbeit gekommen, Rechner an: NO SIGNAL auf dem per DP angeschlossenen Monitor... Kabel raus/rein hat nun fürs Erste geholfen. Hoffentlich wirds. If I turn on my PC with just the Displayport connection then it will initially say Displayport no signal a few times and then for around 10 seconds it will connect through the Displayport and show the boot up screen however when the PC gets past the boot up screen the connection drops and shows Displayport no signal again and it stays off. This monitor will connect perfectly through HDMI.

Hallo, ist bei mir ähnlich, seit dem Upgrade auf eine RTX 2080, bekomme ich kein Bild über Displayport (kein Signal). Über HDMI funktioniert alles einwandfrei und abstürze habe ich keine The monitor no signal issue is also probably caused by a damaged video cable. Try connecting your monitor and your PC with a new cable to see if this issue persists. If not, this issue is caused by your video cable. If this issue remains, try connecting your monitor to another PC. If your monitor still shows the no signal message, it may suggest it is the monitor that causes this issue. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer of your monitor for further assistance

Fix DisplayPort No Signal Easily - Driver Eas

  1. Reboot, Windows will detect one of the available connections as default. From inside Windows, launch NVCP and go to Set Up Multiple Displays, there should be two connections. Switch Main Monitor (1) to Displayport and second to other connection, Reboot may be necessary. Deactivate second monitor and remove cable
  2. If DisplayPort is not selectable, please make sure the DisplayPort cable has been properly connected to both devices. 3) If the DisplayPort option is selectable but no signal appears on screen, please unplug the cable and plug it back in the make the monitor re-detect the connection
  3. iDP cable, (from GTX780 DP to monitors

How to fix No Signal on display port on Windows 1

DisplayPort issue with external monitor, No signal Thread starter christianlp1990; Start date Feb 15, 2016; C. christianlp1990 New member. PRIVATE E-2. Joined Feb 15, 2016 Messages 1. Feb 15, 2016 #1 Hi, this is my setup: MSI GS60 Gaming Series laptop, with HDMI and Mini-DP (but not DVI), and Windows 8.1, and Geforce 860m gfx. BenQ 24 XL2411 monitor with HDMI, DVI and VGA (but not. Then press the menu button on the edge of your monitor. Navigate to the input source and select the correct input source. If you connect the monitor to the VGA, you need to choose VGA as the input source. After that, reboot your computer and check whether the no signal to monitor is removed Bleibt der Bildschirm ohne Signal, hat sich vielleicht Windows 10 aufgehängt. Versucht euren Rechner zunächst durch Drücken der Tastenkombination ALT + F4 gefolgt von Enter herunterzufahren AW: GTX1070 - Displayport funktioniert plötzlich nicht mehr - Bitte um Hilfe Gestern Abend nach der Reparatur nochmal bisschen gezockt und co. Dann Rechner runtergefahren. Gerade eben von der Arbeit gekommen, Rechner an: NO SIGNAL auf dem per DP angeschlossenen Monitor... Kabel raus/rein hat nun fürs Erste geholfen. Hoffentlich wirds nicht wieder so schlimm wie beim letzten Mal, sodass ich den Treiber wieder komplett entfernen muss According to the specs the USB-C port should support a display signal, and there's a displayport logo printed next to the port on the device. However, when I try to connect the monitor with the USB-C cable that came bundled in the box, neither the monitor or the laptop recognise a connection happening. No signal, no device detected

How to Fix No Display or No Signal Desktop Computer's Problem? By. Madhur Tj - November 30, 2014. 229736. 91. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. tweet; Fixing Computer That Turns ON, but Shows Nothing on The Display . Sometimes it's possible that when you Turn ON your computer but the display remains still and shows nothing, and the main reason behind your monitor's showing. Ich hatte es heute das mitten während der Fahrt plötzlich der Navi Bildschirm schwarz wurde und nur noch rot/orange NO SIGNAL zu lesen war. Es flackerte dann kurz und dann kam danach nochmal NO SIGNAL - unmittelbar danach startete alles neu mit dem Connected Drive Logo. Thema ist wohl nicht neu Connected through DisplayPort, No Signal. I was going mad WTF is going on. Was testing different DisplayPort ports on graphic card, turning monitor on and off using Power button, changing input on monitor, nothing. But nothing changed because one variable in the problem wasn't really getting changed or reset Then I figured out yet another dumbest solution to seemingly complex. Displayport no signal! So guys in the middle of my Valorant game my monitor showed me that there's no signal. That was really wierd because I was just playing and that happend. I googled to see if theres any solutions for that problem. Solution 1: unplug the power from pc and monitor and wait about 2min then replug the cables. I did it and it didnt work. Solution 2: change to HDMI cable or. Sollte Ihr Bildschirm kein Signal erhalten, kann das Problem sowohl der Monitor selbst als auch der Computer sein. Die Suche nach der Ursache sollten Sie allerdings am Monitor beginnen, da hier..

Display port no signal in Windows 10 Fix - TheGeekPag

  1. Re: No signal on DisplayPort after turning screen off. I know this is very old but in case someone else has this same issue as I did the fix was actually rather simple when you realize the problem. DisplayPort has a weird issue regardless of the monitor because some motherboards stop sending the signal when the monitor is turned off due to a power saver feature in the monitors
  2. When I connect the monitor the Asus logotype appears. Then a message shows DisplayPort No signal and the monitor shuts down again. On the computer I get a message saying something like that the USB unit is not recognized by Windows and when I look in System I see that the USB unit, called Billboard-unit, has error code 10
  3. I have a Hp27b monitor that shows no signal on both the hdmi and displayport inputs. I have tried manually selecting hdmi or displayport on the monitor. I tested this on two different laptops and both laptops are able to detect and identify the monitor on the laptop end. I tried updating the monitor driver and still the issue persists. The laptop is able to send the signal to the monitor, I believe the monitor itself is not receiving the output from the computer. I also tried different hdmi.
  4. Longer HDMI cables require more power to send a strong signal to the display, the adapter has to use some of the DispalyPort's power to convert the signal to HDMI leaving less to drive a long cable. Additionally, just to clarify, is the DisplayPort end of the adapter connected to the computer's DisplayPort output? This is a one-way adapter from a DisplayPort output on a computer to a HDMI display (monitor, television, or projector), it will not work from a HDMI output on the computer to.
  5. DisplayPort ist ein durch die Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) genormter, universeller und lizenzfreier Verbindungsstandard für die Übertragung von digitalen Bild- und Tonsignalen. Anwendungsbereich ist im Wesentlichen der Anschluss von Computermonitoren an PCs oder Notebooks. DisplayPort-Steckverbinder mit Verriegelung. Video-Ausgänge einer Grafikkarte: oben rechts eine DVI.
  6. arupbg changed the title No Signal detected external display connected on Microsoft dock detected [Solved] No Signal detected external display connected on Microsoft dock detected Nov 28, 2018. Copy link Author arupbg commented Nov 28, 2018. I just resolved. Bought a £10 (4k) HDMI 1.2 to DV adapter from amazon ; Connected the (4k) HDMI port to the back of the monitor and DV port back.

Fix: DisplayPort Kein Signal - k2rx

No matter what adaptor I use, at some point the external monitor stops getting a signal form my MBP (being recognized by the system: I can see it in a display list, the system thinks everything is ok). The only thing that helps me is restarting the laptop (sometimes I need to reload it twice though) Re: No display signal in Windows at 144hz. Jump to solution. I have almost the same problem with the same monitor, but an Asus RX 580. Try to set DisplayPort version to 1.1 in your monitor's OSD. It works for me, but it's very frustrating, since you can't enable both 144Hz and FreeSync I assembled a computer recently. When I plug my monitor using Displayport, once it passes the BIOS page, the screen turns black (no signal). If I use HDMI instead, then there is no issue. My build: B450M MSI Mortar Max (Bios build 10/6/2020. The box says AMD Ryzen 3000 desktop ready) AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) Vengeance LPX 3200MHz DDR4 RA

XF240H DisplayPort - no signal. Voxxel Member Posts: 2 New User. August 2020 in Monitors Hi there, I just bought a new monitor (Acer XF240H) and tried to connect it via the DP cable (came with the monitor) to my good old MSI GTX 760 OC graphics card. I used that graphics card via DVI cables before without any problem. Now everytime I plug the new DP cable in, the monitor automatically checks. HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Core i3-4130 My Computer DisplayPort video output from SAMSUNG 50MU7000 series TV with DisplayPort to HDMI cable (Cable supports INCA brand and 4K) [web link removed] says there is no TV signal. There is no problem connecting to the non-4K TV with the same cable. When I contact.. If the monitor works for a while, then stops working and displays the No input signal message, the monitor or computer may be overheating. In the event of the monitor overheats, it stops working to prevent further damage. If the computer overheats, the computer may stop sending a signal to the monitor, and may also shut down to prevent further damage to the computer hardware Monitor disconnects once I try to launch a game with No Signal. Happens very uncommon. performing Alt+Enter to get game into windowed mode can turn my monitor back on. Only work around is to unplug DisplayPort from PC and re-plug it in again. Then I can play the game entire day even with no problem. Maybe on the 3rd or 5th day I start up my.

Liegen hier Beschädigungen oder ein Kabelbruch vor, sollten Sie das Kabel direkt austauschen. Möglicherweise liegt auch ein Wackelkontakt am Kabel oder am Anschluss vor. Bewegen Sie das Kabel daher vorsichtig hin und her und prüfen Sie, ob Sie ein Bild bekommen. Eventuell ist auch der HDMI-Port am Gerät defekt no signal on monitor no display, monitor is about to sleep ‎11-25-2017 04:54 AM. HP Recommended. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Flag Post; Product: hp envy phoenix h9 pc series Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) first this happen i just making a keyboard combination and i press and suddenly the monitor no signal. monitor status: no signal. No signal with DP on wake up from sleep. Thread starter scubaslim; Start date Jan 8, 2018; scubaslim Posts: 9 +1. Jan 8, 2018 #1 I have an XB241H G-Sync monitor. It works perfectly when using HDMI. After 2 months of searching for my issue''display port no signal'' (when i playing some games) I saw a post who G.M. Chino ask a member if his monitor has hub (because he has a problem with freezing the monitor). I think to disable at sound options (photo) the 'ROG PG278QR-4 high definition audio' at the moment everything its OK no problem at all about 3 days

display port only has signal during boot process, when it is time for windows , no signal will be detected; DP-HDMI adapter from other brand is working; I tested with different HDMI cables and different monitors and same results happen. HDMI cables are working when I tested it using different monitor and CPU Discussion 'No Signal' message when connecting Acer Predator computer to Acer monitor with a Displayport cable. Author. Date within. of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. Search 'No Signal' message when connecting Acer Predator computer to Acer monitor with a Displayport cable. Shimi67 Member Posts: 3 New User. December 2017 edited December 2017 in Monitors. Hi, can anyone. If it is not connected properly, it will continue to display the message of NO signal. Steps to fix it. Step 1: Check which HDMI port of the TV is connected with the PC or laptop. Step 2: Go to the start button. Click on the Input icon. Here select the right HDMI input. Step 3: Set the correct resolution that is required for displaying the best quality on your TV. Generally, 1920*1080 is what. Problem ist folgendes: Ich hab alles angeschlossen aber der Monitor zeigt nur das Predator Logo und dann kommt no Signal und er geht aus. Ich habe einen ziemlich alten PC der weder hdmi noch dp Anschluss hat. Deswegen habe ich mir einem Kabel bestellt der das dp Signal in ein VGA signal umwandelt. Und trotzdem funktioniert es nicht. Im Menü steht auch als Information 0 Hz und no synk. Habe eine Intel Grafikkarte (Intel HD Graphics 4400

Display Port No Signal FIX !! [Step-by-Step in Description

Is Your Computer in Sleep Mode In some cases, no VGA signal occurs when the computer enters sleep or hibernation mode, or power-saving mode. At this time, the monitor will not receive any signal transmitted from the computer. To wake up your computer, you can press any keys on your keyboard and wait for some time Display may exhibit no signal while using three or more passive adapters with AMD W4100 Graphic Card connected to non-DisplayPort display

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NO SIGNAL auf dem NBT Display. 13 Antworten Neuester Beitrag am 1. Februar 2016 um 23:30. BMW 4er F36 (Gran Coupé) bmwdriver420. Themenstarter am 27. Januar 2016 um 20:28. Ich hatte heute beim. Displayport no signal after wake from sleep (things tried so far) A small update to my post (but without success so far): - tried the Framebuffer Edits for HD4600, no change - found some posts in Asus forums that possibly indicate that it is related to an Intel bug regarding power saving (see here, pointing to here). Applying these hints on a Gigabyte board is not working, because settings.

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I tried displayport to minidisplayport and connect the minidisplayport to thunderbolt on my monitor and there is no signal. Inside NVIDIA control panel, the only connector recognized is HDMI even when the displayport is connected. Some of the solutions I tried:-Switch to another displayport cable = no signal Shows GAOMON logo, 'No Signal' and then 'Power Saving', it is caused by wrongly plug HDMI connectors and set display modes. Solutions: 1) HDMI connecter should plug into port of graphics card, not that of the motherboard 2) change monitor mode; 3) change another HDMI cable 4) try another compute I have a 2010 mac mini and a dell u2711 conected via mini displayport to displayport. Iv had the new screen and cable since christmas and i have ran into no problems until now. When i boot the mini, the screen says theres no signal but when i leave the display to sleep and then boot up the mini it wakes it up but then goes back to sleep because it says theres no signal. I dont understand, its.

The latest display drivers can download from respective vendor portals like NVIDIA or AMD driver download page. At the end to summarize, here are the things we need to keep in mind to cater HDMI no signal issue. Select HDMI cable which is compatible with the display (TV or computer monitor Ich bekam kein Signal, kein Boot oder Bios Screen. Daraufhin habe ich es mit einem anderen DVI Kabel versucht - selbes Ergebnis. Anschliessend habe ich die beiden DVI Kabel mit einem HP Monitor benutzt und bekomme dabei jeweils ein Bild mit besagtem PC. Wenn ich meinen alten PC über dessen Graka an den TD260HD anschliesse geht wieder alles. Ich kann nicht verstehen warum ein DVI-D Signal. Overview. DisplayPort is the first display interface to rely on packetized data transmission, a form of digital communication found in technologies such as Ethernet, USB, and PCI Express.It permits the use of internal and external display connections, and unlike legacy standards that transmit a clock signal with each output, the DisplayPort protocol is based on small data packets known as. DisplayPort เป็นอินเตอร์เฟซการแสดงผลดิจิตอลที่ใช้เป็นหลักในการเชื่อมต่อแหล่งสัญญาณภาพไปยังอุปกรณ์แสดงผล (จอภาพส่วนใหญ่) นอกจากนี้ยังมีรูปแบบ.

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How to Fix Second Monitor No Signal on Windows 10

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Palit GTX 1050 Ti KalmX 4 GB Review - The Card | TechPowerUpSamsung J6300 Review (UN32J6300, UN40J6300, UN48J6300

Das Display zeigt möglicherweise kein Signal an, wenn Sie drei oder mehr passive Adapter mit AMD W4100 Graphic Card verwenden, die an Displays ohne DisplayPort angeschlossen sin Monitor uses a Displayport connection, if that makes a difference. Also, when this problem occurs and I restart the computer, once or twice the monitor has reported no signal after Windows boots. In some cases, the laptop freezes or spontaneously reboots when the monitor is connected or disconnected. When I change the image output settings to 1080i or 720p, sometimes the second desktop appears on the monitor (but in most cases I see the message No signal only). For some reason, the monitor is defined as I2475W1 in the system settings. I tried using a different cable with the same connectors, however this didn't fix the issue. I performed a reset of NVRAM, PRAM and SMC. Guten Abend, mich plagt ein kleines Problem und zwar habe ich mir einen Pc zusammenstellen lassen sowie einen passenden Monitor erworben. Beim Anschließen derselbigen kommt allerdings nur ein kurzer Startbildschirm auf dem Monitor und danach die Meldung: No Signal Detected

LG LF5600 Review (32LF5600, 42LF5600)LG LF6100 Review (50LF6100, 55LF6100, 60LF6100)

Yes Denise, Your asus monitor has a facility to display two video sources same time.That means it can display two different signals at the same time. You can watch TV and browse internet same time. If the other cable not connected to a signal source and if you push PIP button it will show No Signal on that window Gtx 1080ti displayport no signal. Thread starter anav. Start date Jan 24, 2019; A. anav. Member. Jan 24, 2019 #1 Hello, bought this computer almost a year ago, Recently obtained a new monitor and tried to set it up on the displayport of the card but I get no signal. I am using displayport in the card to hdmi in the monitor. Tried with different cables and in some of them Windows doesn´t even. HDMI no signal to external display. Ask Question Asked 11 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 2k times 1. I'm using 19.10 on an ASUS laptop with an Intel® HD Graphics 505 (Broxton) graphics driver. I'm trying to repurpose a TV with an HDMI port as an external monitor. System settings can tell that that the monitor is there. However, the display reads No Signal. I've looked at.

thank you very much. this is the best explanation for this issue.i have same problem and pc thinks that no monitor on dvi output. and doesnt send signal to dvi. if i connect lcd-tv to hdmi port o pc and power on computer pc starts with no problem and if i unplug hdmi cable from pc, signal comes directly to monitor with 1920×1080 resolution so with weird view if i say detect monitor pc detects as non-generic monitor with 1024×768 so i am using vga port. i used powerstrip to set up my own. Reasons for Black Screen & No Signal. This error may be caused if any of the following situations exist: Incorrect connection; Insufficient power supply; HDMI/USB-C port of your computer is defective or not compatible; 3-in-1 cable/USB-C to USB-C cable is defective; USB-C port of the pen display is defective; Incorrect computer setting

LG LF6300 Review (40LF6300, 43LF6300, 49LF6300, 55LF6300Vivid AV® HDMI to Component (RGB) + VGA - Vivid AVSamsung J5500 Review (UN40J5500, UN48J5500, UN50J5500)LG UF6800 Review (55UF6800, 65UF6800)

I just purchased the NUC8i7HVK today. I installed the hard drive as well as the memory. When I power the unit on, my monitor gives me a no signal message. I'm using an HDMI cable and it doesn't show up. I used a display port cable and it still doesn't show up. Both cables work fine when I connect them to my older Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? The bios screen does not appear because there is simply no signal in the first place KOMBO 62 Receiver: zeigt im Digitalradio-Betrieb im Display No Signal oder Service Not Available. KOMBO 62 Receiver: Bei Anschluss eines USB-Speichers erscheint Not supported im Display ASUS VE276 DisplayPort NO SIGNAL. Diskutiere ASUS VE276 DisplayPort NO SIGNAL im Windows 7 Treiber & Hardware Forum im Bereich Windows 7; Hallo Ich habe heute ein neuen Monitor und Desktop PC gekauft. Am anfang lief alles gut. Aber jetzt ist oben rechts ein Fenster. Dort steht.. It might have to do with no display on bootup though. Still the main concern should be the not shutting down, that will interfere with all kinds of updates and software installs until its resolved, and once thats resolved it could very well cure the display problem as well. If I power my computer on with my monitor connected, I get no signal to the monitor through either HDMI or DisplayPort. If you want to use multiple monitors with the same computer, you should use an active adapter because some video cards cannot run the maximum number of monitors while using DP++. This is especially true if the computer has more than one DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort connection. Check with your video card manufacturer to confirm which type of adapter you need for the setup that you would like to run The No HDMI Signal problem is a common issue that most people with at least an HDTV have encountered. It's usually very easy to solve and rarely indicates a critical problem, which is great because that means 99% of the time, it won't require replacing any of your electronics. The downside is, it's a really frequent issue that some people might literally get every time they turn on certain.

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